Junko Suzuki
Junko Suzuki
Branding Director / Art Director

2010年 Super Fashion Blogger Awardファイナリスト⼊賞(宝島社sweet / ⽇本HP主催)
2012年 第8回「1-wall」⼊選(ガーディアン・ガーデン主催)
2016年 Android Experiments Objectファイナリスト⼊賞(グーグル・ジャパン主催)

2009年3月 東京芸術⼤学美術学部デザイン科卒業
2011年3⽉ 東京芸術⼤学⼤学院美術研究科デザイン専攻修了
Her self-portrait blog, “Kawaii Labo,” became popular during her graduate school years, and she started working as a fashion blogger/art director after graduation. She has engaged in wide-ranging activities, from working for fashion magazines for women, appearing in online media, contributing to serial publications, producing, designing, and styling, etc. She uses the research skills nurtured by her experience and innate observation skills to slowly and fully face essential brand values so that their appeals can be brought out the most.

2010 - Super Fashion Blogger Award (Finalist)
2012 - 8th 1-wall (Selected)
2016 - Android Experiments Object (Finalist)

March 2009 - Graduated from Design Course at Tokyo University of the Arts (Fine Arts Department)
March 2011 - Completed Fine Arts Postgraduate Course at Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School, specializing in Scenography and Design
Junko Suzuki
Hikaru Kobayashi
Manager / Casting

When she was a student, she had a part-time job at a beer restaurant owned by a beer restaurant. For two consecutive years, she was chosen to be the best customer service provider in Japan. She also organized the launch of Japan’s largest a cappella event. After graduation, she worked for a casting company for 6 years. There, she worked as the launching member of a casting team for people in culture/experts and then became a team manager in charge of new employee training, management, and new graduate recruitment. Currently, she is a freelance manager in charge of multiple creators, including Junko Suzuki.